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Anker 760 Portable Power Station Expansion Battery (2048Wh)

by Anker

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Anker 760 Portable Power Station Expansion Battery 

Introducing the Anker 760 Portable Power Station Expansion Battery (2048Wh), the ultimate power solution designed to meet all your energy needs. With its extraordinary capacity, this expansion battery provides an additional 2048Wh of power, exclusively compatible with the Anker PowerHouse 767.(Sold Separately)  Engineered with precision and ingenuity, the Anker 760 expansion battery is a remarkable lithium generator that ensures efficient and robust power generation for all your essential devices.

The Anker 760 extra battery is the perfect match for the Anker 767 power station

Unleash the potential of the Anker 760 expansion battery and experience a new level of endurance. Crafted with our revolutionary InfiniPower™ technology and fortified with LiFePO4 batteries, this power station boasts an impressive 10-year lifespan. Its ultra-durable electronic components and smart temperature control system, which meticulously monitors temperature up to 100 times per second, contribute to its exceptional longevity. Coupled with its impact-resistant structural design, the Anker 760 expansion battery is built to withstand the test of time, even with everyday use.

Exclusively Compatible with the Anker PowerHouse 767

With the Anker 760 expansion battery, you can double your power capacity. Combine it with the Anker PowerHouse 767, both featuring 2048Wh, and elevate your energy supply to an incredible 4096Wh. This substantial power boost guarantees uninterrupted performance, allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously and keep your electronics running smoothly.

Durability and safety are at the forefront of the Anker 760 expansion battery's design. Its drop-proof unibody construction ensures maximum protection, safeguarding the internal components from accidental damage. The electronic elements boast an impressive lifespan of 50,000 hours, showcasing their exceptional resilience. Furthermore, a strategically placed ventilation grille enhances heat dissipation, keeping the battery cool during prolonged usage. The secure 3-point protective clasp ensures that the battery remains intact and prevents any leakage current while charging, providing you with peace of mind and a worry-free charging experience.

Durability and Safety: Engineered for Longevity and Protection

In addition to its outstanding performance and durability, the Anker 760 Portable Power Station Expansion Battery comes with an exceptional 5-year full-device warranty, surpassing the industry standard. We believe in the reliability and longevity of our product, which is why we offer this extended warranty to guarantee your satisfaction for years to come. Embrace the power of the Anker 760 expansion battery and enjoy a decade of dependable energy for all your devices.

The Anker Smart App Controls

Invest in the Anker 760 Portable Power Station Expansion Battery (2048Wh) today and unlock a world of endless possibilities. From outdoor adventures to emergency situations, this lithium generator is your reliable companion, providing ample power to keep you connected wherever you go. Experience unrivaled performance and peace of mind with the Anker 760 expansion battery, your ultimate power solution!

    What's in the box: Anker 760 Portable Power Station Expansion Battery (2048Wh), user manual, battery-to-host cable, 5-year warranty, and our friendly customer service.

    Product Number: A1780111-85

    Anker 760 Portable Power Station Expansion Battery (2048Wh) Specifications

    Anker 760 expansion battery specifications

    Q: Which power station is compatible with 760 Expansion Battery?
    A: Only Anker PowerHouse 767 is compatible with the expansion battery.

    Anker 760 expansion battery on top of Anker 767 portable power station

    Q: How can I connect or disconnect 760 Expansion Battery from the power station?
    A: To connect, align the cable with the Anker logo in the center and insert it directly. To disconnect, push the knob in the center and turn the cable slightly to the left (12.5 degrees) before pulling it out.

    Q: Can I use 760 Expansion Battery separately?
    A: The expansion battery cannot be used separately. It must be connected to the power station to charge or discharge, and to monitor its status via the Anker app.

    Q: How should I store the power station and 760 Expansion Battery?
    A: Turn off all the outputs. Store in a dry and cool environment. Check the remaining battery capacity each week. If there are only 2 LED lights on (30% left), charge the battery to full. Don't forget to fully charge it once every 3 months.

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    Anker Powerhouse 760 Portable Power Station Expansion Battery  front view
    Anker 760 Portable Power Station Expansion Battery (2048Wh)
    $1,499.00 USD

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