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UGreen Power Roam Solar Panel 200w

by Ugreen
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 UGreen Power Roam Solar Panel 200w: Your Perfect Solar Panel for RV Trips

Are you an RV owner looking for a reliable and efficient power solution for your adventures? Look no further. The UGreen Power Roam Solar Panel 200w is the ultimate solar panel for RV, designed with your needs in mind. It presents an ideal blend of performance, efficiency, and portability, ensuring your RV stays powered up wherever you go.

High Conversion Efficiency

The UGreen Power Roam Solar Panel 200w stands out from the crowd with its high conversion efficiency. This solar panel for RV not only captures sunlight but also converts it into usable electricity at an impressive rate. This means you can enjoy more power for your RV appliances and devices, even on less sunny days. Smart solar conversion in UGreen 200w solar panel - Interior view

Smart Sunlight Alignment

Another key feature of this solar panel for RV is its smart sunlight alignment. This technology allows the panel to track the sun's position and align itself for maximum sunlight exposure. Whether it's morning or afternoon, your solar panel will always be at the optimal angle for power generation. Adjustable stand angle for optimal positioning - UGreen 200w solar panel

Water-Resistant and Durable

When it comes to durability and resilience, this solar panel for RV ticks all the boxes. It boasts an IP67 waterproof rating, making it resistant to both dust and water. Whether you're in a desert or caught in a downpour, your UGreen Power Roam Solar Panel 200w will remain undeterred and continue to provide power.

RV Portable Solar Panels: Lightweight and Foldable

Convenience is key when you're on the road, and that's exactly what the UGreen Power Roam Solar Panel 200w offers. With its remarkable foldable design and light weight of just 18.7 pounds, it's among the most portable solar panels for RV. When folded, its dimensions are a compact 25.2 x 21.3 x 2.7 inches, and when unfolded, it measures 93.7 x 21.3 x 1.2 inches. This solar panels foldable design is bolstered by magnetic seals, making it extremely easy to carry and store. Quick install process of UGreen 200w solar panel - Step-by-step guide

Fast Charging Capability

The UGreen Power Roam Solar Panel 200w can charge the Power Roam 1200 portable power station in just 3 hours when used with another 200w panel. That's unrivaled efficiency, ensuring you're never stuck without power on your travels. In conclusion, the UGreen Power Roam Solar Panel 200w is more than a solar panel for RV; it's a reliable power companion for your adventures. Experience high conversion efficiency, smart sunlight alignment, durability, and unrivaled portability with this top-tier solar solution.

What's in the box: ‎‎‎User Manual, 200w Solar Panel, 4.9ft XT60 to MC-4 Cable, 6.6ft XT60 to XT60 Cable

Rated Power 200W
Cell Efficiency ‎23%
Power Voltage ‎‎19V
Power Current ‎‎‎10.5A
Open Circuit Voltage ‎‎24V
Short Circuit Current 11A
Operating Temperature ‎‎14℉~140℉ / -10°C - 60°C
Dimension (Folded) ‎‎25.2 x 21.3 x 2.7in
Dimension (Unfolded) ‎‎93.7 x 21.3 x 1.2in
Weight ‎‎18.7 lbs / 8.5kg

Q: Can I use the UGreen Power Roam Solar Panel 200w with my RV's existing solar setup?
A: Absolutely! The UGreen Power Roam Solar Panel 200w is designed to be versatile and can seamlessly integrate with your RV's existing solar setup. Whether you have a solar charging system already installed or plan to build one, these panels can easily connect to your RV's battery bank and contribute to your overall power generation. Embrace the freedom of expanding your solar power capabilities and enhancing your energy independence with the UGreen Power Roam Solar Panel 200w.

Q: How long does it take to fully charge my Power Roam 1200 portable power station using two 200w panels?
A: With two UGreen Power Roam Solar Panel 200w units working in tandem, you can fully charge your Power Roam 1200 portable power station in just three hours! This swift charging capability ensures that you spend more time enjoying your adventures and less time waiting for your power station to be replenished. Experience the convenience and efficiency of solar energy charging at its best with our powerful and advanced solar panels.

Q: Can I rely solely on the UGreen Power Roam Solar Panel 200w to power all my RV appliances?
A: While the UGreen Power Roam Solar Panel 200w offers an impressive power output, its ability to meet all your energy needs depends on various factors such as the number of appliances used, their power consumption, and the amount of sunlight available. For moderate power usage, a single panel or a combination of panels can be sufficient. However, for heavy power consumption or extended periods without sunlight, it is recommended to combine solar power with other energy sources. Remember, solar energy is a fantastic eco-friendly option for reducing your carbon footprint and enhancing energy efficiency.

Q:  How do I ensure the optimal positioning of the UGreen Power Roam Solar Panel 200w for maximum energy capture?
A: To achieve the highest solar energy capture, it's crucial to position the UGreen Power Roam Solar Panel 200w optimally. Here are some tips:
  • Sunlight Exposure: Place the solar panels in an area where they receive direct sunlight for most of the day. Avoid shading from trees, buildings, or other obstacles that may obstruct sunlight.

  • Angle Adjustment: Adjust the tilt of the panels based on the sun's position. In summer, a flatter angle is ideal, while a steeper angle in winter ensures better capture of low-hanging sunlight.

  • Tracking the Sun: If possible, use sun-tracking mounts or adjust the position of the panels periodically to follow the sun's trajectory throughout the day, maximizing energy capture.

  • Cleanliness: Keep the panels clean and free from dirt or debris, as these can reduce their efficiency. Regularly wipe them down with a soft cloth or gentle cleaning solution.

By following these guidelines, you can optimize the performance of your UGreen Power Roam Solar Panel 200w and harness the maximum power from the sun for all your RV adventures.

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UGreen Power Roam Solar Panel 200w
$279.00 USD

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